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Civil & Mechanical Engineering
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Here at H.A.L.T. Construction Ltd we are commited to providing solutions to your civil and mechancial engineeering problems

Our services

Civil Engineering

All forms of groundworks and civilworks are undertaken

Mechanical Engineering

Whether it is fabrication or maintenance of an existing sytem, our expert engineers are happy to provide you with a free quote

Site Maintenance

Along with the rest of our roster of multinational clients, you can be assured that we will provide our high quality workmanship to your site
About our services

About our services

Our services can easily be adapted to what is required for your specific site. Years of experience over multiple sites have afforded us the luxury of an understanding of many different industries.

Feel free to get in contact for us to organise a visit to your site and provide you with a free quote. Even if you choose not to use ourselves, we may see a process that another of our sites is doing in a more streamlined way and we'll be happy to put you in touch.